With a marketing background from Denmark its comes naturally to sell a product that you produce and love. It’s a simple answer if we don’t drink it why should you. So Kristine has become more active in the winemaking process with our 3 great winemakers. Each has a different concept but Kristine is loving the wine that she produces. Being the owner of wisp wines she still takes day to day control in all aspects of the business. From the paddock to plate Kristine is always striving to produce a great wine that everyone one enjoys. With the busiest time of the year vintage Kristine works alongside Mitch who manages harvest operations making sure the fruit is in perfect condition to start the winemaking process.


The year Janelle studied viticulture at urrbrae agricultural high school was the time she knew she wanted to be within the family business. It was after graduating she went to uni for 4 years and now holds a degree in science of biodiversity and conservation. A big part in producing quality wine all starts in the soil which Janelle picked up on straight away. With a few simple practices the vines are healthier and wine is better and this is Janelle’s passion. As well as soils Janelle loves to experiment new wines with different foods. As well as taking on this responsibility she still loves her day job being a swimming instructor.


Born and raised amongst the vines it’s in his blood to produce top quality wine. Graduating from urrbrae agricultural high school in 2010 he went on to his chosen trade in butchering. While completing his trade Mitch worked part time in award winning vineyards gaining experience of many different farming practices that he still uses today. Whilst still butchering Mitch is maintaining the vineyards making sure everything is up to scratch and is working every aspect of Wisp Wines alongside his mother. In his spare time you will probably find Mitch enjoying the river life behind wisps wakeboat.

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